Bogossian Educational center
The Our Lady of Armenia Boghossian Educational Center is a social/educational institution established for securing the overall development of orphans and needy children. The Center strives to create an atmosphere where the child can develop his/her mental, spiritual, social, physical and emotional abilities. The Center also aims to provide its teenagers the necessary means to become educated, skilled, independent, and self-sufficient adults. The Center admits boarding and daytime boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 20+. It provides food, clothing, school supplies, and many other needs for its students. It aims at accomplishing the following goals and objectives:
• To provide healthy food in a pleasant atmosphere to orphaned children and/or extremely vulnerable children from poor families;
• To secure the mental growth of each child through special teachers and a well- stocked library;
• To develop the child’s creative ability and aesthetic values by teaching him/her music, art, and drawing;
• To develop the child’s physical ability through sports and games; and,
• To develop mutual respect and social manners.


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