"BASMADJIAN" Day - Care Center for the Elderly
The Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have established a day-care center for the elderly with the purpose at providing an environment where 50 elderl y can receive proper nutrition, medical care and personal hygiene as and spend their day with different activities. The Center strives to improve the lives of the elderly by creating opportunities to interact not only with their peers, but also with the children of the orphanage and the students of the Youth Development Center.
The elderly living alone are deprived of normal life conditions since their small income or pension cannot even pay for their daily survival ratio. Their physical health does not allow them to do some work to sustain themselves. They stay home all day doing very little because of poor eye-sight or other ailments. Thus they feel useless and become psychologically depressed.
The Center provides
• Hot lunch prepared according to specific dietetic needs of the elderly.
• Social and cultural activities such arts and crafts, games, knitting, modeling with clay, gardening, video watching, etc,.
• Celebration of holidays, anniversaries with theatrical presentations, songs and dances, recitations.
• Weekly medical examination by a registered nurse who follows the health condition of each elderly.
• Provision of medicine to each participant in the program.
• Physical therapy with proper exercise equipment.
• Follow-up of personal hygiene, bathing and grooming and laundry services.
• Counseling and social services.
The Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have established a good selection process to make sure that the most vulnerable elderly participate in the program.
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