On Friday, February 17, the Our Lady of Armenia Boghossian Educational Center, Diramayr Vocational School and Nadine Basmadjian Day-Care Center for the Elderly, hosted His Excellency Ambassador Konstantine Obolensky of Switzerland, his spouse Annette and his mother-in-law Dominique. The orphanage children welcomed the guests with traditional bread and salt. Following a visit on the premises of the orphanage, the guests were welcomed by the students of Diramayr Vocational School.Both his Excellency and his spouse Annette addressed the students on the importance of acquiring a proper vocation impressing on them the economic success of Switzerland which has, besides the famous large corporations, 260,000 small businesses for a population of 8,000,000 people. The Obolensky couple tried to help the audience verbalize the needs of Gyumri and realize that they can make a positive change as a group.The couple toured the classrooms, the kitchen area and was offered some special desserts prepared by the cooking class. They ended their tour of the premises with a short visit to the Day-Care Center for the Elderly.Both Mr. & Mrs. Obolensky were profoundly impressed not only by the facilities, but specially by the knowledge and the values the Sisters and the Personnel are trying to impart to those trusted to their care.
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